you need
  • - trap with a corrugated pipe;
  • - flexible hoses for water.
Kitchen is a "wet" zone of high risk, so inform the beginning of plumbing repair and dismantling of the office, which monitors the technical condition of your home.Permission for such work is usually granted at a time from ten o'clock in the morning until three in the afternoon, so you do not cause great inconvenience to other tenants.
You must have on hand a plan approved by the relevant services, the sketch of the project, which will be clearly seen, what will be your kitchen sink after the transfer.The neighbors have the right to ask you about your ongoing work in the apartment.
Therefore, in order to avoid conflicts and trouble to explain to other tenants of the house, what you want to do.
In any case can not be transferred to the sink, a place where it will be on the bottom of the apartment living room.Design alterations within the kitchen.
If you only need to slightly change the location of the sink, use a siphon to drain the corrugated and flexible hoses to the water supply.Corrugated pipe siphon you can easily be bent in any direction and it will attach the desired position.This product has one, but significant drawback - it is very difficult to clean.
to sink to a new place you do not create problems with drainage and lift it to a height of 3-5 centimeters per meter transfer.That is, when you move the shells of two meters lift it 6-10 centimeters.
In this case, it is reasonable to raise the kitchen floor that all surfaces remain at the same level.Podium in the work area provides a great space for plumbing camouflage communications and additional decor.
Sink can be transferred to the window, then you are using the full light of day.If the room is the kitchen is spacious enough, arrange it in the middle of the "island" with a sink and a cutting table.It looks original and beautiful, you'll be pleased with the results of their work on re-planning and transport sink to another location.