first sign of silting of the well is to reduce the pressure and flow of water with an admixture of air.Crane begins loud snort and doused you from head to toe, sometimes mixed with sand or rust.Gradually, the water supply stops completely.Clean well better in the first stage, when the water is still there, but it is already bad.Upon termination of the flow of water, often well clear fails.We have to pull out the tubes and overhaul of the replacement filter.
the best method resume normal water pressure - a cause of the repair.They have a powerful industrial equipment, is purchased for personal use only unprofitable.Washing and blowing the well powerful compressor is the safest method for future use of water.Especially befo
re they start blowing diagnose places most clogged.
To produce washing wells themselves must acquire powerful compressor, whereby to produce blowing dry method, which is a measure of inefficient or high pressure water.
For any way on the tube wells need to attach a vacuum adapter and then connect the compressor.
cleaning wells using acid gives a remarkable result at any deposits in the chimney, but this method is not secure.Drink water for a long time can not continue to be used for human consumption only after cleaning the filter.
battery acid can be used, which is sold in car shops.Other acids may be purchased only organization with special documents.
Before you pour acid, wear gloves, a face mask and goggles.
compressor Blow up all the water and immediately pour the acid.The well is firmly plug, ventilate the room.Leave it for two days.
again take personal protection measures, remove the cap, connect the pump output hose to the street and turn on the water for at least 4-5 hours.