Tip 1: How drilled cast-iron bath

During repairs to the builders can get the problem of drilling a cast-iron bath, to install the faucet, drain, or for other purposes.Himself iron drilled, usually without problems, but at the same time to avoid chipping the enamel?
you need
  • - Drill;
  • - diamond drill bit or crown;
  • - drill for metal;
  • - abrasive rubber nozzle rings;
  • - grinder;
  • - sealant or epoxy adhesive;
  • - water;
  • - conductor.
using markers to mark the drilling point of the enamel layer.To drill from slipping scratched with an awl or the end point of the drill.
to drill enamel layer, use diamond drills.Drill very slowly, constantly cooling space drilling water, not allowing it to heat up.In order to cool the point of drilling, pull her tube feeding water, be very careful in this case, do not forget that the power is in your hands.
drilling the enamel, drill bit change in the normal metal.If you need a small hole, first drill a hole of small diameter, and then it reams thicker drills.Do not fo
rget to cool the metal and drilling slowly, if it warms up and goes on the surface of "whitening" - drill will grow blunt at the first millimeter, as red-hot iron becomes harder steel.
If you need a large diameter hole, make a jig from a piece of plywood with a central hole.First drill through the guard to remove the layer of enamel Perov drills on glass or tile.Then remove the jig and drill a conventional drill for metal.Note that holes in the conductor must be located at a distance of no more than 1 mm, while the disc is taken out easily.Ream the hole from the inside with a rubber abrasive nozzle rings from nazhdachki.
If you have a grinder, drill, try this: use it to grind off the enamel on a path, then the contour obsverlite small drill and complete the same edge sander.
If you still part of the enamel skololas close the edge of the hole with the help of decorative chrome cup corresponding diameter.
When the drill hole in the cast-iron bath, cover the exposed surface of the cast iron sealant or epoxy adhesive, or after the installation of the mixer on the enamel will appear rusty stains.

Tip 2: How to drill bath

Quite often it is necessary to drill holes in a cast iron bath.For example, hot tubs should have several openings through which water is pumped.In this case, we should not forget about the enamel coating.It requires careful handling.
As the drill bath
To begin precisely specify the location where you want to drill a hole.Limit the side entrance of the drill, that it does not gather in the side and does not damage the enamel.To drill a hole in the rim is best to use a home-made device, which is a simple board with a hole just slightly larger than the diameter of the drill.Attach this device to the side needed a bath with a clamp.Note fixture must be reliable.
not required to perform cooling and humidifying the drill.It is best to use a special solution of kerosene.With the help of the drilling process will accelerate slightly.For this work, the drill should be selected "metal", which have an angle of about 116-118 °.This work has its tricks.However, even if used correctly, drill iron is not so simple.
quality to drill a hole in the iron, you need to have some skills.Take a drill or a drill and drill the required diameter hell.Try not to damage the enamel.Hold the tool exactly to the drill is not "attracts" the right of the hole.Be careful, the drill could break.If you can not do this work yourself, then seek professional help.They have a lot of experience, so everything will perform efficiently.Think, may be better to entrust the drilling of holes in the iron of the best professionals, rather than to learn.This ability can get you more and not useful.
to drill a hole in the tub, you can even use a normal drill.It is best to use a drill or pobeditovye diamond bits that are centering drill.To begin, remove the enamel, and then drill iron.To chipped enamel is not gone, you can use plywood-textolite.It will act as a conductor.
  • drill a hole in the bath