To implement this idea need to purchase boiler , set it next to the boiler heating and combine them into a single system.Such an arrangement is called a boiler th indirect heating.According to the arrangement, the heating water is accomplished in a heat exchanger through which water heated in the boiler.
Modern DHW system, usually equipped with automatics that being associated with the automation of heating boiler set the desired temperature.Today, many manufacturers of heating equipment produced boiler s designed to work together with heating boilers, in addition to which is attached to the installation kit.The skilled artisan will not be difficult to implement such a connection.However, its planning should take into account some special features.
According to experts impractical to connect to the electric boiler boiler .In combination with a gas boiler with a little hot water is sufficient to establish the fuser wall with two circuits, and only in the presence of a bath or a spa pool - single-loop boiler boiler th.
important condition of his work - moderate consumption of thermal energy.Boiler must not burden a heating system.If it will consume more than half of the energy produced, the problems with the heating.
to more efficient operation of the heat exchanger is recommended to install an additional circulation pump is equipped with automatic system for controlling the parameters of the coolant.
In the summer, in terms of saving the most preferred scheme looks combined heat consisting of a conventional water heater combined with Tan and the heat exchanger.In the heating season boiler operates on the boiler, and in summer - from the built-in heating element.