you need
  • clay, lime, sand, water, brush, mesh, blue, milk
Take clay, lime and sand in the ratio 1: 1:4.Add water to the clay and lime and mix thoroughly until the mixture will resemble cream.Carefully strain the resulting composition and add to it the sifted sand.Again stir, removing lumps and air bubbles.
Clean off the clay from the surface of the furnace and strip joints.To better solution is fastened, fashionable tighten wall oven grid having small cells.Stretch mesh stronger, pinning it to the joints with nails.
Put in the oven firewood and flooded it.Let your oven heats up as it should.Once the furnace wall become warmer, wet them with water and begin to spray the solution.It should be applied in layers,
each layer must be dry before applying the next.Quality involves plastering plaster thickness not less than 10-15 mm.
When the final layer is applied, it should be leveled and trowel.If there are cracks, wet with plenty of water, apply the solution and gently powertrowel, repeating several times if necessary.
Prepare the dough-paint of lime, this lime and take the milk to extinguish it.You can use salt water.However it is better to take milk, because then the lime is well secured, and when you touch the stove you do not get dirty.You can Podsinee paint, adding some blueprints.Then lime will not give yellowness, and the oven will get a beautiful view of the snow.Many blueprints to put it is not necessary.
Apply the paint horizontal strokes at first, wait until the paint dries.Then apply paint vertically.Make sure that she went exactly, without blotches.Wait until completely dry and lit the stove.Now you can enjoy the warmth and comfort, listening to the hum of fire.