you need
  • Drill, screwdriver or a screwdriver, wrenches, level.
Think about how you will strengthen the already heated towel rail when buying.Ask the Seller, with some of the models presented in the kit are mounting.Do not be surprised if you selected will not copy them.Just be sure to buy those much-needed pieces separately.Also check connections (water).
Prepare the mounting location.If you have an old towel warmer remove it.Shut off water access and remove the nuts that towel rack attached to the water supply pipe.Remove all hardware and carefully, holding the towel rack, remove it from the wall.
Unpack the new towel warmer.Screw him holders.To do this, you may need a screwdriver (depending on the type of attachment)
.At the same time, screw the desired compound, whereby water is connected.It may be corners, couplings (straight and angled), and others. It all depends on your specific conditions.
Put the towel rail to the wall at the site of its intended placement.With a pencil make the layout for drilling.Do it better with a partner.One using a builder's level, aligns and holds the towel rail and the other makes a mark.
Put towel warmer side.Take the drill.Insert the drill chuck of tile desired diameter.Drill the tile all the necessary holes on the marks made earlier.Replace the drill bit to drill the tile on concrete.Dosverlite hole to the desired depth.Insert the plastic plugs into the wall.
Remove the drill, it is you no longer need.Take a towel warmer.Place the it to the drilled hole and secure it.Use a screwdriver or a screwdriver.It remains to connect your new towel warmer to the central heating or hot water system.