you need
  • electric pump, pipe, insulation, wires, tools, ground and electrical work.
First, dig a trench in the ground from the well to the house depth of at least 80 centimeters (average depth of soil freezing).The trench lay two pipes: small and large.The small pipe thread the power cord, which will be used to power an electric pump, and on the big pipe you will enter the water.To the winter the water is not frozen in the pipes, it is necessary to take additional measures, to warm the pipe using glass wool or other insulation.
Reaching an electric wire through a small tube, securely insulate it to avoid electric shock.Lowered into the well electric pump,
make sure that it is protected from both heat and securely sealed.When selecting a pump, consider what the daily amount of water you need.It depends on the individual characteristics of the pump.If in the future you are not going to enjoy every minute running water, then your regular submersible pump "The Kid."Do not forget to adjust the length of the rope, which is attached pump.It is necessary that together with the water level, it could be omitted, without reaching the bottom.
Seal securely fastening all places of pipes and bends.Making sure that water flows normally, no leaks or other problems, bury the trench.Now you have your own water!You can start to use its own electric and water.However, all necessary measure.It is recommended to switch off the pump at night, to give him "a break."Though the pump iron, and, he, too, required breaks, or it will fail prematurely.