you need
  • - fence, neobstrugannye board;
  • - patina;
  • - lush greenery;
  • - vines;
  • - wildflowers and perennials;
  • - sand or stone for paths;
  • - garden furniture (benches);
  • - tent;
  • - handy tools (cast iron, stumps, barrel, etc.);
  • - natural materials or wall panels;
  • - thing in ethnic style;
  • - wicker furniture;
  • - fireplace.
Begin clearance suburban area in the style of the country with a fence.This is not only a protective fence, but also an important decorative element.Choose materials for the construction of the fence, which will send you to the people's antiquity.Stylish looks woven from will
ow twigs or elements: neobstrugannye board overlap and cut through the "window" -pletenki.Wooden fence can be artificially aged by a special patina that is sold in the store for designers and artists.
Make the fence in country style
attaches great importance to the landscape.Green areas should be lush, but in any case not running.In cottage country style look good shrubs - wild rose, hawthorn, gooseberries and currants.If the site has a playground, build on it the game of six tent and twigs - it will fit harmoniously into the surrounding environment.
Put lush perennials
Route meandering sand or stone walkway.On both sides of her plant wildflowers and perennials with a joyful, but not too variegated palette.At one of the bends of the path it is recommended to put the gazebo entwined with climbing plants, or just a wooden bench.
Lay a trail of sand and stone
Find all possible means at hand, which may have a practical application and make additional stylistic accents.So, stumps without bark and roots become comfortable stools and inverted upside down the barrel - in the table;as a shelf for a bouquet of dried flowers, ears of wheat and oats will serve large ceramic pots or iron pots.Objects in a rustic style can be harmoniously combined with modern products.For example, set up along the trail garden lights suitable design.
Stumps use as a stool and stands
Exterior country house should be an integral part of the "natural" world country.Log walls;artificially aged, "mossy" board;wattle and daub - all of these elements can be interesting rustic antiques beat.If you change the look of the finished outer walls is difficult, let climbing plants (eg wild grapes or hops) to close the "unprofitable" areas of the home.
Aged wood can be used for home decorating
Use for interior decoration wood, stone, mosaic, tiles, or mimics of natural materials - wall (ceiling) panels with appropriate d├ęcor.Wicker or wooden furniture arrange deliberately carelessly, but do not let the disorder.Dolls in folk costumes and toys of clay, woven rugs and quilts, embroidered cross-stitch towels and other items accentuate ethnic folk style.
Use wooden furniture
important place in a stylized summer house takes stove or fireplace - the center you have created man-made world.
Fireplace - the center of the house in country style