I want to just point out that the construction of traditional houses cobbled economical option to the construction of a private house does not belong.But modern panel houses are much cheaper.Therefore, they are popular among gardeners and horticulturists.
These houses are constructed from environmentally friendly materials and practical, as well as open up the eyes of opportunities for a variety of design solutions.Shield house is relatively inexpensive, easily erected and has good thermal insulation properties, as well as a choice of whichever architectural form.
Shield house - a design that consists of a ready-to-ins
tall panels.The construction of such a structure is significantly different from the construction home from a bar.There is no need to establish a solid foundation, and therefore the construction of panel homes is significantly reduced.Since the average size of single-storey house can independently build and decorate for five days.And he is sure to be nice and cozy.
alternative housing such houses is composed of so-called schepotsementnyh plates.These plates consist of 90% of the wood chips treated in a special way.They are fixed with metal ties across from each other.
From these plates are manufactured hardscape, partitions in the house, and much more.Formwork exhibited by belts to the desired height with nails and metal ties.Overlaps also assembled manually plate or hollow boxes stacked on a temporary post.After this structure is reinforced by pouring internal voids formed between schepotsementnyh slabs of concrete.After solidification of the solution can be assumed that the house was built.Will only make the finishing work.
main advantage is their plates schepotsementnyh multiple mineralization.That is, from the outside they look like a mineral, but inside they are composed predominantly of natural wood.