you need
  • - Brick ordinary - 130 pcs.,
  • - Clay ordinary - 60 kg,
  • - sand - 34 kg,
  • - Plate cast iron 762h456 mm - 1,
  • - Oven 320h270h400mm - 1,
  • - door: the ash-pit 220h160 mm - 1, fuel 220h160 mm - 1, clean out 130h140 mm - 1,
  • - grate 250h180 mm - 1,
  • - valve 130x130 mm - 1,
  • - AreaStrapping 30h30h4 mm - 3.5 m,
  • - steel roof - 2Q.meters,
  • - felt - 1.5 square meters.meters,
  • - steel tape 25x15 mm - 1.2 m.
put on the floor two layers of felt, pre-soaked in a solution of clay, or asbestos sheet and close the roof steel.The plate is not put on the floor and pick it up in the trenches -
brick-wall bars height of 14 cm, it will protect the floor from heat.The first and second row: Gardening masonry.It should be slightly smaller than the size of the furnace: length - 10 cm, width - 5 cm.
Place the third row of the main clutch size: 94h55 cm. On the fourth row, a brick from the back of the plateSteshov tapered.This will increase the output channel, which is suitable for pipe or heating shield.
Install door for ash and cleaning the fifth row, based on the fourth row of masonry.The back wall is made of a quarter-brick.At a distance of 180 mm from the left side of the furnace wall lay a quarter brick.Reduce the length of the blower, for this put the bricks on edge.On the back of the brick wall of the release into the plate, put a brick to it perpendicularly, to get the T-shaped wall.It will serve as a basis for laying the vertical wall and the installation of the oven.The vertical wall is needed to create a vertical channel between the oven and the right side wall.The edge of a brick oven rounded.Inside the masonry walls of the left put a half-brick, which will be based oven.
Close the chimney on the sixth row of masonry, it should be carefully observed bandaging joints.This masonry is similar to the previous series.Replace the seventh row of masonry oven.It should deviate from the right side of the furnace at 9 cm from the wall with the left side for 4 cm. Set aligned with the right side and the rear wall of the oven septum.This yields two channels: first warms the back and the left wall of the oven, the second - right.Reduce the length of ash pit, shut the door.
Reduce hole above podduvalom on the eighth row of masonry to the size of the overlap grate.In the ninth row, set the furnace door and grate, finished masonry element vertical partition between an oven and furnace.
Shut the tenth row of masonry opening between the oven and the wall, putting a brick with a slight slope.Facets Steshov brick and rounded.Then close the channel to the left side of the oven so that it was only with the right-hand side.
Follow laying on the eleventh row horizontally with careful strapping.Grease an oven with a layer of clay mortar (10-15 mm).In the cast-iron stove and the top of the oven must remain a space of not less than 70 mm.Set in a small cast-iron stove clay layer of the solution on a large hob oven.