you need
  • - sealant;
  • - movable counterparts;
  • - tape "FSM";
  • - outlet with earth;
  • - voltage converter.
Begin installation with the installation of the pallet.The tray on a flat cement screed without using mats.If you are installing the tray firmly to the wall, which is done often, it leaves space for mounting the rear wall.Models shower stall economy class does not have a back wall, it replaces the bathroom wall, where it is most convenient to glue tile and carry out sealing all cracks between the wall and the pallet with water resistant sealant.Set the pan on a level, secure the locknuts feet by
unscrewing them is minimal.
If the sewage system and water supply system you have no tie and is adjustable tee, then spend the sidebar and install wiring.Adjustable double tee or you can buy at any hardware store, the main thing - ask who is the producer.The most reliable movable tees Russian and European production.
Screw hole to the desired tray drain hose and connect it to a bill of divorce tee.To seal the joints use the tape "FUM" and further promazhte all joints waterproof sealant.
Then proceed to the installation of box .Secure the wall on the existing mounting screws, doors - on roller mechanisms.The method of installation of the walls may be different, depending on the model boxing , so general recommendations on the matter there.A common model for any kind of soul is only that first mount the wall, and then the top and finally the door.
Connect hoses to the hot and cold water to set the wiring Screw the all using tape "FPM".
The last thing you need to do - is to hold the socket, as all the showers are not just for the immediate adoption of the soul, but also to connect the musical accompaniment, light bulbs, whirlpool, sauna and other available options.
Measure the length of the cable that goes from the manufacturer, set the socket.The receptacle must be installed in a shower stall, and on the bathroom wall.Install a grounded outlet.Shower cubicle can be connected only through the instrument of the voltage converter.
including water, check all connections.If all screwed properly, you can actually begin to use the shower boxing .