To start, do the calculation.This certainly consider all the individual characteristics housing: square rooms, height of ceilings, insulated walls, the ceiling, the floor, the choice of sources of heating and power.It is also recommended to make drawings.According to the calculations and drawings, you can easily make a heating system for a country house.
main part of the heating system - boiler.This is where combustion takes place.Boilers there are different forms and modifications.The main difference is the type of fuel used.In most cases, for this purpose, gas, solid fuel, liquid fuel and electricity.
If your home is not suitable gas line, you can set the boiler that runs on electricity or gas fuel.Electric boiler works in much the same gas.Note, it will need to provide an electric current, wh
ich has a high voltage.Note interruptions in the electricity should not be.
can then proceed to the choice of the radiator.Pay special attention to its power and size.A good heat sink is required to have balancing valves.They allow you to provide the correct water flow that passes through them.First note the material from which the device is made and only then in its shape and appearance.
It depends on the material life of the radiator.The heating system may include iron, aluminum or bimetal radiators.Very popular now are cast iron radiators.They possess high strength.Furthermore, the price is acceptable.
also appreciated radiators made of aluminum.This material has the highest thermal conductivity.This cooler is capable of quickly and well to heat the room.Its price is slightly higher than iron.