Tip 1: How to cut the sink in the countertop

Kitchen sink is probably the second most important subject in the kitchen, after the plate.Therefore, its convenient location and reliable installation is one of the main tasks in the kitchen equipment.If you have some skill and a set of simple tools to cut the sink in the countertop is possible independently, without the involvement of a professional plumber.
you need
  • - electric jigsaw;
  • - clamps;
  • - Drill;
  • - pencil;
  • - Roulette;
  • - sealant;
  • - knife;
  • - spatula;
  • - brush.
carefully mark the installation location on the countertop sink using the template supplied.If, for any reason, such a pattern is missing - turn the sink, place it on the counter to the desired location and trace outline with a pencil.Then draw another, inner loop washing, departing from the original 1.5 cm. This circuit will be considered work.
Place the countertop so that you feel comfortable to make the cut.If necessary, withdraw it with furniture.Drill holes in the four corners of the intended o
perating circuit.The diameter of these holes should be at least 1 cm.
Take an electric jig saw and insert the blade in one of the drilled holes.Carefully saw out the place under the sink, strictly adhering to the working circuit.
Thoroughly clean slice obtained from sawdust, chips and dust.Carefully apply sealant on the cut with a spatula or brush.Make sure that the entire section has been uniformly coated with sealant.This prevents the water and, consequently, protects the countertop from moisture.Selection of the sealant and the method of its application depends on the material of your wash.Allow the sealant to dry.
If you shoot tabletop with furniture - set it in place and secure.Place the cut hole in the sink.Attach it to the worktop with adhesive sealing tape supplied.This requires carefully stick the tape as close as possible to the edges of sinks.If the sealing tape is not attached to your sink, you can fix the sink on the countertop with silicone sealant.To do this, gently apply a sealant to the edge of the sink on the back of her hand.Press sink using clamps and leave it for a while.If necessary, trim the excess and sealing tape with a knife and remove any excess silicone with a cloth.
You can now set the mixer and connect the washer to the water mains.

Tip 2: How to cut the countertop

People who decide to arrange your kitchen in an unusual way, we can recommend their own cut countertop of natural material.Countertops made today are made of various materials: solid wood, chipboard, plastic, and natural stone.Building materials market offers a huge selection of ready-tops, but there are many craftsmen who manufacture countertops in the home, saving a lot of money and getting as a result of an exclusive product.This is the original, but not so simple.
How to cut the countertop
you need
  • material support for countertops, pencil, small-toothed saw, tape.
So, after being selected tabletop material must be as accurate as possible to determine its size and configuration.Surface dimensions will be determined by the size of the kitchen or other room where the countertop will be posted.Its shape also depends on the location, for example it may be angled, consist of several parts or have an opening for a cleaner installation.It is also necessary to provide support for the tabletops.This may be a small cabinet or set of shelves and may typically legs.
Depending on the material, made in pencil markings or special prescriber, which can leave noticeable marks on the marble or granite.When marking should be given a small allowance for processing cut.Cutting process requires care and accuracy.When manual cutting is necessary to use small-toothed saw.This will reduce the possibility of chipping.Not bad to use a tape, such as masking tape, affix it to the line of cut.This will prevent the possibility of a split table top.When using the saw blade sawing is necessary to make the inside of the countertop.The cut edge to remove the small burrs need to process a file.
After the main circuit countertops drunk, you can start preparing the holes under the sink.To do this you need to put on the sink countertop and pencil to outline the contours of the exterior wash.Then, using a ruler, draw a line cut inside the marked path.Distance indentation can be found in the instructions for washing.Cut holes for the sink is better to make a jigsaw.To eliminate the penetration of moisture into the countertop material is recommended to treat the cutting polyurethane.
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