Dig a trench around the perimeter of the house.Good, clean dirt from the foundation, and then hammer it metallic Rabitz, take it away and fix the anchors with a diameter of 22-25 mm through one and a half meters.They are inserted into holes drilled in the base, which can be either blind or through.Install formwork and Grout.After when the concrete has hardened, fill up the trench with earth or sand layered tamper.
Arrange extended clip, linking it to the foundations through anchorage.It is done with the expectation that additional cells, together with the old masonry raspredelyut load on the ground evenly.This method is used when you want
to enhance a particular section of the destroyed foundation.
Fill both sides with concrete new cells, thus increasing the carrying capacity of the foundation.To do this, clean the surface with water under high pressure and draw on it a notch puncher.This needs to be done along the weak portion that requires discharging.Load cell is transmitted through the steel or reinforced concrete beams that passed through the ground element of the building.
Bring new ground, not deepening sole.This should be done by replacing dilapidated part of the foundation.To do this, under the floor house temporary wooden supports, which will transfer the load to the ground, reinforce the door and window openings and ensure the stability of the building.
«hang out" walls.This method is used for the complete replacement of the foundation.To do this, move under the basement walls concrete or steel cross beams at a distance of two meters.In this case, the beam focus must be on temporary supports.House while hanging in the air, the foundation can be discharged and how to carry out work on its strengthening and replace.