When slack contamination install special means in a tank for washing water, which will slowly dissolve, and when flushing the toilet is laundered.Time to clean up will take longer, but it is not necessary to wash the toilet and dirty hands, and cleanliness will be maintained not temporarily but permanently.This is an option for the lazy cleaners.
to remove plaque, use household cleaning products.The number of manufacturers offering products of this kind, is growing every day, and the shelves are full of tools, cleaning the surface of the toilet bowl.The most recognized and respected by the hosts got such means as "Seth", "Domestos" "Mr. Muscle", "Silit", "Dosya", "Duck".
If household chemicals does not help
, then dissolve in 1 liter of water 5 tablespoons of acetic acid to give a solution and shed wall closet.Do not flush the toilet water for about an hour, the solution must be to act.After remove the dirt and grime with the brush.The method is good in that acetic acid is always there at your fingertips at any housewife, and not have to spend money on expensive household chemicals.
For tough dirt, rust or lime raid household chemicals help the weak, and sometimes does not work at all.In order to wash the toilet, you will transfer your entire budget and not achieve the desired result.To effectively deal with these contaminants, use of hydrochloric acid.For the speedy removal of plaque from the toilet will require a 33% solution.In principle, only such a concentration and can be found in our stores.Sparing no solution, spill all the right places.Allow the acid to act for 20-30 minutes.At this time, prepare the rubber gloves, brush or brush.Be sure all work is carried out with rubber gloves, otherwise you run the risk of chemical burns.Odor - is an indicator that there is a chemical reaction acid.Do not worry.After a specified time, remove the resulting dirt with the brush or brush with hard bristles and rinse with plenty of water.