Even during the initial construction of the house anticipated in advance that in the future it will be continued.The design of the roof is made such that the truss system leave space for the device of the second floor (such as an attic).
of wooden bars and 50h50mm 50h100mm make the frame.To do this, sew their nails to the rafters uprights.Outside, on the part of the attic, obsheyte clapboard, do waterproofing, insulation and secure.Inside lay the vapor ba
rrier film made crate and secure the screws to her sheets of drywall.
Then mount the ceiling.For the convenience of the work done, it is desirable to remove the part of the roof.The ends of the floor beams to fix the uprights rafters.On the bottom edge of the bars reinforce 50h50mm and place them on the board overlap.On top lay a board layers isolating film, a layer of insulation, waterproofing.Bottom hem ceiling sheets of plasterboard or plywood.Externally, the roof removed to the place of return.
Now you need to make daylight second floor .To do this in the gable window opening, and insulate the walls from the attic.If the light is not enough, you can additionally make the roof lantern type over the alleged second window.To do this, make the gap in the roof of the vertical width of 100-120cm.The height of the gap is provided on the level of 40-50cm from the ceiling of the attic.The walls are windows.
Paul made the same way as do half of the first floor .The only difference is that the second floor subfloor not spreading.At the final stage, to determine the place of installation and the design of the staircase that connects the ground floor and attic.To save floor space, use a spiral staircase.