you need
  • hose PVC nylon cord, the crossbar, medical tourniquet, rubber ring
Set pump in well usually not a big deal.However, there are minor tweaks that should be considered before the installation of the pump well.This way you save yourself from wasting their time and resources.
When selecting hose, consider that the best are the hoses of PVC.The diameter of the hose should be approximately 20 mm.To calculate the required length of the hose beforehand find out how deep the water is raised and lowered.This will help you choose the right length of the hose.
for hanging pump and often use metal cable or wire.Such attachment can not be considered, furthermore, it can be dangerous.The case of domestic pump and often made of aluminum.And when working pump and formed quite a strong vi
bration.Metal suspension is fully capable to deform the body at the point of connection to the wire or cable.This leads to damage to the pump and and the inability to raise it from the hole.
Literacy Solutions will use of nylon cord.He is not subject to the ravages of water and so on.Strength nylon cord to be redundant, so that it vyderzhivas weight at least five times greater than the weight of the pump well.
For greater loyalty should be equipped with a pump special springy suspension.Such a suspension can pay off the vibration.It is particularly important to use the suspension at a shallow depth.Produce a spring suspension can be in the home of a medical tourniquet or rubber band.
securely fastened to the suspension pump have, hang it on the free end of the bar and immerse pump .The pump must be located at such a depth to him to the bottom of the well was at least 30 cm. The unit must be shipped to the depth specified in the instruction manual.This usually 2-3 m. The pump must not come into contact with the walls of the well.Too narrow hole Housing protection pump and a rubber ring.