you need
  • -Resolution on the construction of the main architect
  • -scheben
  • -pesok
  • -cement
  • -building materials
Choose a suitable site forwith the possibility of summing up the construction of utilities and complete it in the property.Property registration is done by registering the purchase contract in the public register of real estate center.By submitting to the documents, you will receive a certificate of ownership.
next thing to do - to get permission for construction.To this end, invite the architect to design the house and perform a sketch summarizing the utilities.Projects submitted for approval to the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning in your area, along with a certificate of ownership of the land.You will make a prelim
inary document, which must be reserved in the local administration and public services area.On the basis of these documents, you will be given permission to build a building and a passport.Only after obtaining all permits and approvals you can start marking the foundation in accordance with said the chief architect of the place.
Mark the foundation and before to dig a pit for him, determine the condition of the soil of the area.It is necessary to determine the depth of the pit.It should be laid below the freezing of the soil and groundwater above.
dug pit, the desired depth, put formwork and pour the foundation.Plinth brick can do immediately after pouring the foundation and build a wall of the house only after 4 weeks.
walls you can make anything.It depends on your wishes and financial possibilities.Constructing walls and roof the house should be warm.
Obtyanite exterior wall insulation material and make the finish on your own.Plaster can be only a year after the building will shrink.The ceiling of the outside of the first obtyanite steam insulating material, and on top of it - heat-insulating.
Move all the utilities and enter the building in operation.