you need
  • - refractory bricks;
  • - concrete blocks;
  • - hacksaw;
  • - adhesive;
  • - cement;
  • - asbestny sheet;
  • - refractory wax.
In retail there is a wide selection of fireplace stoves for questioning.They tend to have a small size and weight.Just chalet furnace adapted for almost any type of solid fuel.To install the oven in the holiday home, prepare a place.Usually small-sized furnace does not require a special foundation, enough to make a concrete base.Place the steel plate on the floor.If the oven is set in a wooden house, the first thing to take care of fire safety.The first layer of the base place of asbestos plates.
If your stove embedded, remove it in advance and had a size in the wall of the furnace circuit.It is important that between the walls of the furnace-fire and the surface was the distance specified in the instructions to the fireplace.The back walls are lined with refractory brick, the wall separating the asbestos sheet.
side walls are lined with bricks or foam concrete blocks.Strip the excess solution from the outer walls of masonry.Metal chimney set in brick.For better fastening metal parts to the brick chimney, use anchor bolts and special couplings.Install the chimney hood.The most convenient, in the form of lattice.It serves to remove warm air.
in the attic cover flame retardant wax wooden structures that will be in contact with the chimney.It is important to prevent the fire floors and beams from contact with the chimney.
Install oven on the prepared substrate using a special glue and screws.The outer walls of the furnace obsheyte protective plates.For the decoration of the furnace can take a stone or ceramic tile.In the simplest case, just oshtukaturte of the oven.Installing the villa stoves require a little time and money.In addition, these ovens are very economical, in view of the smoldering combustion mode.