you need
  • - anemometer;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - mirror;
  • - metal ball.
Use an anemometer, a special instrument designed to measure traction.It allows you to get the right data, but when the air speed over 1 m / s.At the moment, you can also use more sophisticated devices that measure the draft in the chimney in Pascals, given the difference of pressure in different parts of the chimney.
Take a piece of toilet paper and held it to the chimney.Traction can be installed on its deviation - the bigger it is, the stronger the draft.It is possible to determine the adequacy and visual way.If the room has a smoke, then - reverse thrust.In that case, when the flame has a brigh
t white color, and heard a loud noise in the chimney, it is a testament to its strength.If the fire has dark red stripes, evidence insufficient thrust.When the flame in the cauldron golden-yellow color scheme, it is sufficient in the chimney.If you light a cigarette, the direction of thrust will be seen in the direction of the smoke.
Take an ordinary small mirror and place it in the flue hood in place of the sensor rod.Mirror side facing towards the flue gas discharge channel.If you have problems with the smoke, the fumes will start to fall on the mirror and it will fog up.
Take special metal ball with a diameter of 100 mm to check the chimney for blockage, and lower it to the entire length of the channel.If it comes to a free lower opening, then there is no blockage.To test the smoke channels in the panel house, as well as the chimneys of pottery, asbestos-cement or other pipes with a diameter of 100 mm, it is necessary to use a ball with a diameter of about 80 mm.
Inspect the channel looks through the bars of the ventilation or lower the load through a special hatch in the attic vent box to check for blockages in the vertical vents.If the ball that was lowered on a rope into the chimney, did not reach the point where it is joined by the kiln device then the smoke channel is clogged or the cross section in this area is less than its initial part.Blockage of the site can be eliminated by hitting the ball in this place, it needs to remove the 1.5-2 meters of rope and tied the end of a ball sharply lower.If after three or four blows to the clog does not move it, you need to make a hole in the outer wall of the channel and fix the problem.