in the construction market is now represented by a huge range of insulation synthetic materials that retain heat well and have a breathable surface, which further prevents the destruction of the walls.To warm bath can be any of them, all depends on your financial possibilities.
Obtyanite exterior walls bath insulating material and make the finish on your own.For additional insulation used brick or wood finish.If material resources do not allow for additional insulation of walls finishing bath , you can simply top obtyanut wall insulation roofing material.It protects walls and
insulated material from getting wet, which further extends the life of the walls and securely retain the insulation material.
but made only external wall insulation is not sufficient to protect the walls of the bath from destruction.Additionally, you need to make the protection of walls against moisture vapor and indoor baths .For this purpose the vapor barrier material.They all upholstered interior walls baths and ceiling, and only then produce the wood trim or on your own.
to room was warm, obtyanite ceiling outside the steam insulating material on it lay a thick layer of insulating material and vapor barrier again.
sure Insulate the foundation bath first steam insulating material and thermal insulation on top of it.
With this method of insulation and the insulation of walls and foundation, walls and ceiling bath will not be exposed to wetting and condensation due to temperature change.Bath will be warm, and do not have to repair it.