Tip 1: How to turn the air conditioner lg for heating

To do this on the remote control to switch the button conditioned HEAT.As a result, you should see an icon in the form of the sun.Then set the desired temperature.
From early spring to late autumn, often gardeners spend all their free time in the summer houses and plots.Not everyone decides to afford heating capital, as living in the home for a few months and do not have the ability to invest in this business a lot of money.Heating electric heaters as impossible because the limit consumption of electricity due to lack of capacity.What to do summer visitor in cool spring and autumn pores?

What is the advantage of heating, air-conditioned

Typically, the walls of country houses are made of lightweight structures, slightly insulated inside and finished with a decorative trim on the outside.Such walls can restrain the temperature, but it does not accumulate.The alternative is a major heating air conditioner: Install the appliance in different rooms can be set at different temperatures at the same time
saving energy.Together with the low cost of heating, air-conditioned, such a system has another advantage - the ability to bring the temperature to a comfortable.

Due to the fact that a large volume of air is forced through the heat exchanger, the room temperature quickly reaches a comfortable size.Some air-conditioned and equipped with a function of protection against voltage surges, which is especially important in a holiday village with unstable power supply.In addition, air conditioning is able to automatically maintain the desired temperature.That is, the device only needs to set the heat or cold, set the desired temperature settings and forget about it.

How to install the device for heating

To do this you need to take the remote control and air conditioning lg switching button «MODE» or «HEAT», to make sure that the icon appeared on the screen in the form of the sun.Further actions are only in setting the desired temperature.It should be borne in mind that the hot air blows at once.To heating function is fully operational, it will take about 5 minutes.

disadvantage of this method of heating is that air conditioning is not desirable to include a temperature outside is below 0 ° C.To ensure normal operation at low temperatures, it is necessary to take care of heating the condensate, because formed in the outdoor unit condensate drains into the drainage outlet and freeze there, forming a plug.Then the ice covers the entire inside of the outdoor unit.The result could be damaged fan, moreover, in such circumstances, it is not necessary to wait for the efficient heating of the air conditioner.

Tip 2: How to turn on the heating

first heat the interior of the vehicle "capitalists" have started in 1917.Our skilled drivers simply drilled a hole in the partition between the engine and the cab.Today the "stove" is in almost every vehicle.It works, as a rule, from the engine.The cooling system is filled with antifreeze.By cooling the engine, it is heated and fed into the radiator stove.Fan runs the warm air into the cabin.
How to turn on the heating
Usually, if there are problems with the inclusion of heat in the car, the most frequent breakdowns are clogged or aged tap switching stove scored radiator, an air bubble in the oven.Turn heat in the car can find a breakdown and correct the situation.

Check valve switch the stove.It stands at the entrance hot radiator hose.Try to manually open it.If the valve is fixed, you change it to a new one.
Remove excess air from the stove as easy.Slightly warm up the engine, then loosen the hot hose that fits to the radiator hose clamp and remove it from the tube to form a small gap.The air comes out, then put the hose, strengthen its collar.
But if after all the heat treatments in the cabin of your car is not, it means your radiator clogged stove, or has formed a lot of scale.To flush the radiator not necessarily apply to the service center.Disconnect the inlet and outlet radiator hoses.Remove the battery and air hose, remove the air filter, remove the temperature sensor.Next, remove the radiator cap to relieve pressure in the system.

Remove the dashboard, remove the block heater and radiator.With conventional shower hose banish several times water with detergent from scale through the radiator.Then flush the radiator with clean water and reassemble the motor in reverse order.
Experts advise that there are no problems with the heating of the car to use only high-quality antifreeze, always follow its level in the system when the engine is cold and monitor the cleanliness of the radiator.
addition to the standard heating the vehicle, there is an additional seat heating and a stationary heating, front and rear window.