you need
  • - chipboard
  • - p / e film
  • - wooden logs
  • - thick plywood
  • - modern insulation in rolls or plates
  • - izolon self-adhesive base
  • - corkflooring
  • - nail
  • - rolled thin polyethylene foam
  • - insulated with a layer of linoleum or carpet
Warming chipboard.
plates of chips and mutes the audio and noise while walking.Use floor sufficiently thick plate of about 22 mm.On the concrete floor spread a plastic film.This will prevent the plate from the moisture contained in the concrete.Lay the plate vrazbezhku that there was no cross-shaped joints.When the floor drops use thin wooden spacers.Keep distance from the plate to the wall 15 mm.This gap fix wedges or planks.On the floor lay
a warmed your chosen floor covering.
laying false on the floor joists with insulation
this way reduced the ceiling height in the apartments 40 - 50 cm. It can be used only at sufficiently high ceilings.On the floor lay the wooden joists.Align their height.Joists must be at a distance of not more than 50 cm apart.The gaps between logs fill modern insulating materials.On top lay a false floor made of plywood or boards.Near the wall, leave a 15 mm expansion joint.On the raised floor will any floor covering.
Lay cork stopper on a concrete base.Cork floors are warm, resistant to moisture and female studs.Cork is harmless and has good thermal insulation properties.Barely conceals the ceiling height.Cork floor with a variety of inserts that you paint on top of the treated, like the floor.Cork floor covering for is adhesive and a locking compound such as laminate.
Warming floor izolona.
izolon modern material is used as a substrate under the parquet or laminate.Round izolon, spread on the concrete floor, glue and fasten with tape foiled.Because of its foam structure, izolon is resilient and heat-insulating properties.
Fine roll substrate under linoleum or carpet.
If you have a warm apartment, make a substrate made of polyethylene foam under a thick carpet or linoleum.