Set the appropriate place blocks for the walls, lay and exterior gable wall, and after the construction of the house is complete, start the installation of truss using rafter beams 50 to 150 mm.These boards assemble into a common structure forming the wooden frame of the roof.
To strengthen the first and secondary run Lay support U-shaped blocks and fill them with cement mortar.This avoids cracking due to the walls of load trusses.Print the gable wall and then start the construction of the attic.By installing the wall of the attic, make the installation of truss.
Mount girders, then mount the rafters using a crane for convenience.With the help of a crane to lift the roof roof boards and roofing felt.Put step slants gable walls, then set the roof partitions.Check how smoothly and neatly stacked truss.
Bring bevels gable to the maximum smooth consistency with a band saw, and begin to install roof battens of the boards.On top lay the groundworks waterproofing and insulating materials.Secure the heater plugs, and then cover with a layer of insulation of the second batten from the boards.
At the ends of the rafters fasten hooks for gutters, and then start to lay tile, installing the spaces between the rafters cellular concrete blocks.Atop another lay roofing roofing battens.Such multi-layer construction of the roof will make the house warm and durable, as well as prevent the ingress of moisture and precipitation.