ideal situation when nail-head rises above the surface, is not always.More often have to deal with old nails, whose cap deeply "drowned."In this case, the first step is to lift the hat above the surface.Suitable well-sharpened screwdriver or a chisel in conjunction with a hammer.After your efforts be crowned with success, you can indulge in the traditional in this case, pliers or wire cutters.Pull the nail head, with a little shaking or twisting it.
difficult if you have to tear off the floor carpet, nailed dozens and even hundreds of small studs or replace dilapidated fence to fence.Quite different scope of work require you to new approaches.Fortunately, today there is an opportunity to buy a specialized tool designed to effectively remove nails effortlessly.Nailing for small studs designed so that they
can use even a child.Adjust the step tool, if needed.Pry dismantled surface and lifting the claw, pull out the nails one by one.
Much worse, if you try to pull out the old rusty nail breaks off his hat.It all depends on the situation.If you, for example, it is possible to get to the bottom of the nail, then try using a hammer to knock a nail and then pull the pliers.If this board, then make an effort to lift her hand or with the help of the mount so that it jumped off the nail.
Another way in this case - cut around the "decapitated" the nail groove made with the inscription side cutters and end cutting pliers exit.Sometimes you extract the nails from the surface of the product, which is easily damaged.In this case, a piece of sheet under the instrument durable material on which to draw.
If you pull a large nail using nail puller, then all at once to do the job will fail.As the extraction of the nail out for more robust support puts a claw hammer wooden wedges.In the same method, you can extract the nail clippers or pliers.