you need
  • - cement;
  • - building sand;
  • - rubble;
  • - water;
  • - shovel;
  • - buckets;
  • - watering;
  • - concrete mixer or a firm, level base;
There is no one way to prepare concrete mixes for works that differ in the proportions of components used brands of cement, fillers factions.Any specific composition is applicable only in the specific conditions of the building, but there are standard rules, which will come in handy knowledge of how to calculate the material used.
If necessary, the concrete volume of 100 liters will need the follo
wing ingredients ratio of cement - 30 kg (3 buckets), sand - 70 kg (5 buckets), rubble - 100 kg (8 cans).The concrete mix is ​​most often prepared using cement M400, if so replacing the binder to the lower mark, the amount of cement used should be increased by approximately 30%.
advance the right amount of water in order to make the preparation of concrete, it is difficult to define clearly, as plays an important role as vlagopotrebnost binder (cement) and humidity of used sand and gravel.The water used should be as free of corrosive substances and other impurities, especially oils.When preparing concrete in hot weather, it is recommended to use cold water in order to prevent the seizure of components prior to major works.
Sand for concrete is recommended to take a clean, large, without various additional inclusions in the form of clay, organic matter and silt.Before you can use sand sifted through a sieve to exclude the construction of foreign and non-uniform particles.Clean sand ensures strength concrete mixture of cement and a decrease in flow rate by about 10% relative to the standard rate.
Crushed better to apply fines ranging from 2 to 20 mm.The best option - gravel from river gravel or natural rock.Permissible applied artificial slag, expanded clay or broken bricks, but it is worth considering that a typical kind of concrete aggregates somewhat reduces the life of the future building.
If you need a large amount of concrete substance, it is better to use a mixer, if necessary, in the average volume weight of the mixture, it is more convenient to mix concrete by hand.Mixing concrete mixtures begins by mixing on a flat, hard surface of loose components, which is metered with precision buckets of sand and cement.Next, add the crushed stone, mix well a lot, in the middle of doing well and add water from a watering can, finally bringing the composition until uniform, reminiscent of the fatty cheese.
mixture to pour in from the edges of the recess filled with water, a shovel, until the liquid has been absorbed completely.Next, a concrete mixture was stirred shovel technique resembling chopping motion.Refill the required amount of water, and again raised composition shovel with heap edges and bottom, leading to the mass homogeneity.