House for vegetables from old windows

fashion for plastic windows led to the fact that city dwellers emit a huge amount of old wooden window frames with glass.If you have your own transportation, careful not to break the glass, dip it is good and bring to the country.Here it is possible to make out a strong greenhouse.

basis of all such facilities - frame.It must be thorough, to the spring during snow melt, the greenhouse is not twisted.Typically, each lean site owner have in stock beams, planks.Such improvised material for the greenhouse is perfect.Look, not lying around if you have a few bricks.Of these, you will make the foundation.

On smooth, striated area around the perimeter lay bricks.They place the 4 thick horizontal bar.Two side longer end - s
horter.Connect them with iron corners and bring down the nails.Simply make a pent roof.For this long side rails vertically set and nail the boards thinner.If not, connect 2-3 planks nailed together.On the south side boards or rails lower than the north.

nail them at a distance from each other equal to the gap width of the frame.This also applies to the roof.On her basis of timber nailed with a pitch equal to the width of the window.Fasten the frame to the timber.Upstairs attach 2 small windows or vents, to be able to open them and ventilate the greenhouse.With two short sides are made of high door frames, just nailed them to the board.

window frames If not, attach to the base film.Then nail the roof rather narrow dosochki.Tension at her sides and door thick transparent film.Nailed to the roof and the sides of her easily.To do this, take a small fence.Nail both sides of each board a nail.Put it on top of the film to the bottom of the board was the roof.Nail the fence.

Greenhouse bottled

If you have at hand a lot of valves, clear plastic bottles, do one home for vegetables.Along the perimeter of the marked section of the valve slide bars the same height on each side.On the south side, they should be lower than in the north.If you have little bottles, make a mini-greenhouse.

Take drill, attach nozzle.Its width should match the diameter of the valve.Make a well in the bottom of each bottle hole.Push them first on one rod bore down.On the neck of the first put on the bottom of the second bottle.So Push containers on all the wire, leaving uncovered the top 5 cm of reinforcement for attaching it to the roof.The walls of the greenhouse are ready.

Attach rod reinforcement to the roof of a greenhouse - one from the top to the top of the other.Better it will be a little bigger and a little bulge becomes, the less.Push on a bottle in the same manner.Put the valve up, secure with strong sidewalls wire.So complete your entire roof.

doors to knock 4 bar 50x50 mm box.Stretch Stretch the tape or transparent polyethylene.Attach the handle loops.Hang the door to the greenhouse, made of scrap materials.