you need
  • - bar 15/5 or 20/5 cm
  • - board 15/5 or 20/5 cm
  • - board 15 / 2.5 cm
  • - nails on 150 mm
  • - screws on wood 150 cm
  • - hammer
  • - screwdriver
Key elements of the roof - rafter (sometimes referred to as "legs").They are designed to withstand the weight load of roofing material, and provide resistance to lateral forces on the walls.Therefore, in order to prevent them from tipping over (for example, when a strong wind), the rafters between the first and last row set tie a beam cross section 10/15 cm.
roof height is determined according to the project, or directly at the place ofblockhouse at the ready.Based on this parameter prepare rafters.These roofing element
s must be of equal length and cross section.Installation begins with the installation of the roof mauerlat.Builders often call him "Matica".Mauerlat a bar section 10/15 or 15/15 cm, which tied the walls of the house.His task - to distribute snow and other loads.
If the walls are built of brick, 2-3 in the series from the top of the masonry wall in advance pieces of wood.After laying his mauerlat connect them with metal clips.If a house of concrete blocks, on top of the walls form a reinforced concrete belt.During concrete pouring every 1.5-2 m install reinforcement bars that should rise above the plane of the belt 8-10 cm. Under these drill holes in the rod and on top of these rods is pushed mauerlat.
then start installing the floor beams.For this, the bar section 20/10 or 15/10 cm. The length of these elements of the roof must be such as to being laid on the walls of their ends to form projections corresponding to the width of the eaves of the future.Begin assembling overlap with laying the boards at the opposite wall, stumbled half a meter from the edges.Then placed equidistant other beams.Step therebetween is calculated from the size of the rafters.For example, if they will be used as a whiteboard 15/5 cm, the distance between the beams must be 60 cm. Mauerlat them fastened with nails 15 cm long.
Next set horse.First, on the opposite wall mounted auxiliary rack in the form of U-shaped spacers, whose height should match the height of the roof.Then intermediate mount similar structure.Then you need to pull the lace and align it horizontally.These markings serve as a guide for laying the ridge.Usually it is a long board section 15/5 or 20/5 cm. The ridge is attached to the first rack with a few screws.
Next assembled truss system.In this work, there is a rule that should be followed: setting the rafter on the one hand, as soon as he mounted the opposite.By the ridge board is attached with nails or screws, to draw beams with metal plates.
Upon completion of the installation of truss system start the device gables.As these sides with sheathing roof board used 15 / 2.5 cm. Then the same lumber sutured ledge around the perimeter of the house.Further, the rafters are covered with waterproofing material (roofing material) on top of it and are mounted crate, which will be attached to the roofing material (Onduline, metal, trapezoidal sheet, etc..).