Tip 1: How to build a house for children

all know how kids love interesting and unusual places for games - and you can please their children, making them durable and beautiful game house of plywood or wood panels.House area of ​​2-2.5 meters and a height of 1.5 meters, with windows, doors and roof, is a favorite game of your children, and will be quite spacious and comfortable for them hanging out there in the warmer months.
Prepare eco-friendly and non-toxic materials for construction and painting house well.You need the floor boards, plywood, wooden boards and metal corners, screws, nails, bricks for the foundation or decking.
allocate space in the yard for the construction of a house but also erected on the chosen level ground foundation, dug under a rectangular trench.
Make a floor grid bars of 50x50 mm section.Fasten the boards together with metal corners and attach them with lime mortar to the brick foundation.To nail the floorboards frame and then fasten bearing bars, forming a square in 1500 to
1500 mm.
Then attach to the supporting beams Wooden or plywood wall panels using nails or screws.
in front of the doorway do.The front and rear wall panel, attach the carrier board for the roof with metal parts or screws, and then secure the roof panels in the form of boards on the transverse bars, nailed both sides of the roof to the walls and house and the carrier board.
as materials for house and can take not only finished building materials and wooden pallets, which can cut through doors and windows.Ready house paint and cover with non-toxic varnish.
If desired, you can lock in the doorway of this hinged door, and attach the window frames.Decorate inside a house so that children get more pleasure from the game.

Tip 2: How to make a children's house in the country with their own hands

If your family has a restless kids while equipping suburban area can turn into an exciting experience.The best thing you can do for them - make this house a children's hands.Children need to have their own area where they can be alone, or, on the contrary, feel welcoming hosts in their homes.
How to make a children

Children's House of plywood

To create it, you will need thick plywood 8-12 mm.First, determine the size of the future house, then draw on sheets of plywood outlines all the details.Keep in mind that the house should be at least two windows and a door.The lower part of the windows should be at the level of 50-60 cm from the floor and the height of the door - 30 cm higher than the growth of the child.The slope of the roof must be at least 45 degrees.

Installation starts with nailing wall panels.Then fasten them on the perimeter of the beam cross section 50x50.To give structure rigidity is possible if roof construct of the same material as the walls.On top of her lap roofing nail boards.We treat the finished house edge with sandpaper.Then you can paint the building or draw on the walls and a fabulous cartoon characters.

Children's House of boards

This facility will be much more durable than the house of plywood.It will be interesting to watch as a gazebo.To do this you need to bar section 50x50, which is being built from the frame.Ready frame upholstered with boards with a minimum thickness of 2 cm. The roof can be drawn from the same timber, attaching it to the wall mounted, then it is upholstered more thick planks.On top of the roof is covered with roofing material or plastic, the edges of the boards are processed coarse sandpaper.Ready house can be covered with varnish or paint to paint.

Children's House on chicken legs

This house is like a fairy hut, and it will not stand on the ground and on supports.For the poles come in handy wooden beams, metal pipes or brick.The height of the legs must not exceed 70 cm. If the supports you decide to use metal pipes, they should be one-third the height of dig in the ground, and lay the foundation stone or brick.

In the upper part of the tube type in a piece of wood, to which will be attached the base of the cabin.For the very foundation required board thickness of 40 mm.Frame fixed to the base, made of wooden beams cross section 50x50 cm, then it is sheathed with boards.The roof can be built from plastic or boards.Do not forget about the comfortable stairs, which can enter into the house.Its handrails shall have a height of 50-70 cm and width of steps at least 20 cm.

Lodge Tent

If you do not want to build a wooden shelter, you can do a children's tent-house.It is much easier and faster.Select low spreading tree and its great curtain the veil.Its edges will play the role of the door, they can additionally fasten with pins.