Attic stairs can be placed both inside and outside the building.The first variant is more common because it reduces heat loss and is not a problem if you move to the attic during the cold season.

Types attic stairs

attic stairs can be:
- foot;
- sliding;
- folding.

first type is very similar to a tram collector accordion, which has Multifinger mechanism.In the expanded state, it is fixed by means of special clamps.

Sliding species may have more than two sections, which are arranged, leaving each other.Its peculiarity lies in the fact that from the attic, he goes beyond the hatch.

Folding type also has several sections, the first of which is fastened directly to the hatch.To decompose a ladder, you must pull a special stick for ring and move aside the retainer clip.

What made attic stairs?

Typically, in the manufacture of ladders used metal or wood.In some cases, these two materials are combined, creating a robust and durable construction.Metal staircases can be decorated with elements of forging and be performed in any style.But in order to avoid friction with the metal, its details are often closed to other plastic parts.This is a great option for the modern home.

If your house is dominated by classic style, it is best to give preference to models made of pine wood.They are among the most inexpensive, so very popular.This material is relatively soft, and enhanced fire resistance.Stairs made of beech can be performed in any shade.Such products are durable and reliable.But the most beautiful and sturdy oak staircase obtained which has an intense color and resistant to any mechanical stress.

Design features

Almost all attic stairs cleaned.Modern products are characterized by their compact size when folded.Moreover, some options, such as folding ladder, becoming completely invisible, hiding in the ceiling or behind hatch.

Please note that the specific operation of these products lies in their steepness.Attic stairs can be located at an angle of forty degrees and be completely perpendicular.Therefore, the operation of attic stairs is worth remembering about the security measures.