you need
  • - board,
  • - bars,
  • - tightening,
  • - foot building,
  • - bolts,
  • - staples,
  • - insulation,
  • - polyethylene.
Home pitched roof is the best, so we will build it up.On the upper crown of carcass lay board, then the boards.The thickness of the boards - 15 cm. Mauerlat ready.
With puffs and construction feet set rafters.Strength of rafters provides a special grille from boards in the thickness of 3 cm and 15 cm wide. The grid is placed between the rafters, and the tightening of the slide wall 60 cm. This is necessary in order to provide protection from the room of bad weather.
Choice boards, planks and other materials depends on the material from which the roof will be made.Thus, the material may be light or heavy.
Ready mauerlat and rafters must be installed togeth
er.Stand back from the end of tightening to 30 cm and make a groove.Install the patch.All construction fix bolts and staples.Attach must be at a distance from the mount, not exceeding 6 centimeters.
of planks, beams and planks fabricate crate.Material lay perpendicular to the rafters.So get a ventilation gap between the waterproofing and roofing material.It does not allow moisture to collect under the roof.
If roof plan to do a soft crate tamp flooring.The use as flooring veneers.Hard roof in the stack does not need.
Next Insulate the roof.As insulation, use of environmentally friendly materials.For example, mineral wool.Fold it in several layers of overlap and lay all the internal roof space.Lay the heater should be tight to avoid the appearance of gaps.
From inside the insulation lay a vapor barrier.As a vapor barrier material usually used polyethylene reinforced fabric.It is necessary to ensure the tightness of the layer.To do this, seal the joints with duct tape.