you need
  • plaster, paint, roller, trowel, putty, construction tape, sealant.
All work begins with the preparation for painting the facade or plaster.If it is painted, be sure to remove the old layer of paint.It is best to remove it completely, but if this is not possible, a clear problem areas with peeling paint and align them with putty.The same applies to the old layer of plaster.
need to Remove all the plants on the walls of the house.Also, the walls should be cleaned of dust and dirt.The territory of one and a half meters of the perimeter of the house need to clear or cover up a tent if it grow flowers or lawn.
Rama house, windows and decorative items, for example
, a plate with the number of home okleyte masking tape.So, you do not have long and hard to clear them from the paint or plaster at the end of work.
On the facade of the house, apply reinforcing primer, especially if the structure of the working surface is loose.All cracks on the walls a little deeper shovel, clean the dust from the work and put inside a piece of construction tape.After apply putty, designed for outdoor decoration.
on uneven surfaces eliminate all defects using sealant.It is necessary to apply the two layers, since upon drying the material shrinks.
At the end of the preparatory work can proceed to the next step.To paint the walls of the house is better to use a roller.The paint is applied on the wall horizontally.Self roller wetted with ink moderately.Since it does not have to drain off the paint, but it should be enough to reuse without getting wet you could paint meter strip.The direction of the roller is best replaced every 60 cm on the perpendicular.The bandwidth of this should remain the same.After staining the surface must again walk roller, now top down.On the roller itself with no need to press otherwise remain prominent bands.
The process of applying plaster facade can be done in two ways.For the first you need a trowel or spatula.Damage of the layer thickness must be equal to 2 mm.On the surface of the plaster is carefully distributed by the same spatula in a circular motion.The blade can be replaced by a special plaster roller.In this case it is applied horizontally to a depth of 2 mm, and then leveled walls texture vertical movements of the roller.
plaster can be given a texture.To do this, use the special rollers with different granularity.