laying bricks requires compliance with more precision than in the construction of a brick wall, which is due to the double challenge facing material: the creation of not only reliable but also aesthetically pleasing structure.Therefore, such work is done by specialists masons high professional level, familiar with the technology of laying bricks.


by first building line the base level, ieif necessary, make a tie for a perfect horizontal surface.It should immediately be adjusted so that after the laying base protrudes at least 12 cm. In the next stage, the amount of material planning: 1st row of bricks laid "dry" to take into account, as necessary not full-sized bricks.Further, considering the data obtained, the material is cut by the grinder, cutting disc for stone,
use a circle of metal with a hammer or an ax to chipping superfluous part is not permitted.To prepare the solution needed cement, water and sand (1: 4).Moreover, the latter must be fines.In order to give a solution of the desired shade and make seams invisible, apply tinting or coloring agents are added.Many breed solution is not necessary, because theit dries quickly;better to make several batches.The solution should not leak, it is necessary to prepare a few thick, compared with conventional brick masonry.


Facing construction must necessarily be linked to the main wall.For this purpose, the bars, anchors, plaster mesh or, in extreme cases, binding wire.When vykladyvanii solution using a special template, not giving a solution to reach the edge of the brick on the outside of 1-1.5 cm. This is done in order not to spoil the outer side of the wall.If this should happen, the solution should be rubbed away immediately before it dries.

first output clutch in the corners, rows 4-5 (use of masonry grid).Then, pull the cord between them, rows of brick masonry to obtain a flat.In the course of works carried out grouting special tool;and the seam can serve a couple of millimeters, or vice versa, to sink.When laying do-row, chain ligation, which provide reliability of the design.When crawling window slopes, doorways brick put "poking" so as to obtain a column 1 brick.If you wish, door, window openings can distinguish different shades of brick finishing.