First you need to clearly define the place where will be located room.You also need to immediately determine its size.It should be noted, do bath can be in almost any part of the building.The bath was often done in conventional homes, cottages, apartments and a wellness center.This building must conform to the technical specifications for the construction of a Turkish bath.Note, in addition to the bath room, you need to take place for the technical unit to house the equipment.By the bath should be held appropriate communication facilities.Be sure to take care of the arrangement of electrical wires, sewer and ventilation.
Turkish bath should consist of two premises.The main room itself serves Turkish bath.The size and shape of the room can be anything.The second room is technical.It should not be large.In the utility room
you need to install a steam generator aromagenerator, filter cleaning, water treatment, heating system of floors and walls.
Technical room must not be removed for more than 15 meters from the main building.Positioning the room best closer to the first.This will simplify much of its control.
Must pay attention to the material of which will be manufactured in the construction itself.At present, a fairly large range of materials, which are made specifically for the Turkish baths.Remember, any material must comply with the essential requirements.All materials must be heat-insulating and moisture resistant, as they will have to withstand high humidity and temperature.
Then you can proceed to the construction of the heating system.This system is an important element of the Turkish bath.When selected need to be especially careful, as this is the most important element in ensuring the temperature of the bath.Heating can be both water and electric.