mauerlat builders called timber, which holds the rafters;more specifically, it is a constructive element which is an intermediary between the roof and truss construction.From the strength and the proper installation mauerlat depends on the reliability of the roof, becausemaeurlat serves to evenly distribute the load on the bearing walls of the house.

This element often has the form of square bars having a variety of sizes: for example, 80h180 mm, 150x150 mm, mm 150h100.Sometimes using peeled logs, one side of which skived for a better fit to the wall.One of the most important things when using mauerlat - mounting method thereof.

maeurlata Installation on brick walls

One of the most common ways is to use a wire.She lay in 3 series to the top of the wall.Pre-calculated the length of the wire s
o that it can be freely tie beams.The number of segments should match the number of rafters.

following method involves the use of anchor bolts hammered into the drilled holes in the bricks.Some builders prefer to use wooden plugs in the form corresponding to the brick;they are treated with antiseptic and lay right in the brick row.The number of tubes should not be less than the number rafters.Mauerlat is fixed by means of metal staples.

Another method involves the use of fastening mauerlat pieces of rebar.Its wall in masonry to a depth of 3 rows (diameter valves - not less than 10 mm).The length of the protruding piece should be equal to the thickness of the timber, plus 25 cm. In the last drill-holes and wear on the valve.The protruding end segment is bent and fixed by means of nails or staples.

Installation mauerlat on aerated concrete blocks

At arrangement mauerlat on panel or porous concrete walls, you must first fill in a reinforcing belt.Along with laying of reinforcement in the formwork lay threaded studs (d & gt; 10 mm), having a welded base plate having a size not less than 50-50 mm.Studs are placed equidistant from each other;there should be as much as the rafters.Next, drill holes in the rod and put it on the studs, which must act on the thickness mauerlat.Fixing is carried out with the nuts and washers.A couple of days necessary to conduct additional tightness and fixation using locknuts.