you need
  • - plunger;
  • - chemicals for sewer cleaning;
  • - special rope;
  • - container dirty rope;
  • - rubber gloves;
  • - safety goggles.
How to unclog a toilet vantuzomEsli you notice that the water in the toilet bowl slowly began to leave, use for cleaning the toilet plunger.Enter the drain toilet bowl plunger so that the water completely covered the bell.Make several sharp movements vigorous, pumping plunger.To clean small enough blockage ten to fifteen moves.The effectiveness of the efforts can be judged by how the water level in the toilet - if the water began to leave, so the process of "go" and the blockage will soon be liquidated.
How to unclog a toilet sredstvamiEtot chemical method can be considered relatively "clean", but do not forget that the potent chemicals to clean the toilet c
an be dangerous in case of violation of safety.Determine what type of cleaning agent you need in this case: an alkaline body fat breaks down quickly, the acid eats away the soap, hair and the like.In no case do not use simultaneously acidic and alkaline cleaners!Read carefully and meticulously adhere to all of its points - this will avoid emergencies and chemical burns.Pour the right amount of chemical agent in the toilet and wait a certain time specified in the instructions.If the water is gradually began to leave, then the blockage is eliminated.
How to unclog a toilet trosikomV particularly difficult cases or plunger or chemical agents are not able to clear the blockage.In this case, you can use the rope.To clean the toilet, it is desirable to use special cables that do not scratch earthenware poverhnost.Vstavte cable into the drain bowl and push it forward until it stops.Rotate the rope at the same time gently pushing it deep into the toilet.This cable is necessary from time to time twitch, to prevent the appearance of rings and bends.Entering the cable to the required depth, start to rotate it in the opposite direction, gradually pulling back.The water can dramatically go - it means that the cause of the blockage, eliminated.Note - at the end of a rope can remain dirt, so you need to prepare in advance the capacity in which you can lower the rope is dirty.
If none of the above methods has eliminated the blockage, the reason may be clogged deep sewers.In this case, without the help of professionals can not do.