Before starting work on the device of sewage need to decide - is it possible to tie into the central sewer system.If it has, then the problem is much simpler - just need to get permission to connect.If not, then you need to equip a cesspool, and other facilities.First of all, determined by the place of its future location.The pit should be located close enough to the house (to the outside sewage system was not very long) and have convenient access to machines assenizatorskaya.The depth of the hole depends on the level of ground water, which should be below the bottom of the pit (but not less than 1.5 m).This will eliminate the possibility of contamination.The walls of the pit reinforced brick or stone, plastered.
When a place in the cesspool prepared, laid the trench for laying sewer pipes.The trench is performed on the basis that the tube should lie with the obligatory slope of 1: 100, and at a depth of not less than the height of soil freezing.Central-European region it is smooth about two meters.It aligns the bottom of the trench to prevent local subsidence of the pipe.
device for outdoor sewerage networks used plastic pipes with a diameter 100-150mm.You can of course use pipes made of cast iron, ceramics, but it will cost more.Pipes connected to septic tank with so-called dry well, which is next to the house (at the outlet pipe internal wiring).In the well established audit - plug that can be removed to clean the drain in case of a possible clogging.
dry pit toilets is performed to shift under the base: fit the pipe domestic sewage.Set the riser - tube through which all will be discharged wastewater from bathtubs, sinks, toilets.
upper part of the riser is displayed on the roof of the house and covered with ventilated caps.This is done to ensure that when discharging water into drains formed in the vacuum tubes are not obstructed exit drains, as well as for the withdrawal of gases from the sewage system.