you need
  • - wooden slats height 30-50 mm, length 150 cm,
  • - water-resistant slab 10-11 mm,
  • - spatula,
  • - hammer,
  • - galvanized nails,
  • - knife.
Prepare the rack.The width of the strips must strictly match the width of rafter.Roll out the roll of waterproofing film along the eaves line across the rafters.Nail the film to the rafters by means of rails, nails and a hammer.Reiki will serve kontrobreshetkoy, through which will be ventilation between the film and the main crate.In addition, a layer of air will help to improve the insulating properties of your roof.
Tamp sheets waterproof plate on kontrobreshetku with a hammer and galvanized nails.Between sheets of
plates need to leave a gap of 3-5 mm.Nails must be driven in increments of 25-30 cm.
Roll Lining carpets.When laying carpet padding should be done 1-2 cm from the edge of the eaves.The joints do overlap of 10 cm. With the help of nails fasten carpet underlay on top of the roof.These rugs will serve as an additional waterproofing between the tiles and stove.
Attach gables and eaves strips.Straps are made from stainless steel and are fixed with galvanized nails.Nailing strips should be staggered, overlapping 15 cm. Designated lap recorded two nails.
Take bitumen mastic and preheat it.Using a spatula, apply paste to the tile layer of 1-2 mm.Promazhte all places of contact with metal slats tile mastic asphalt.
Lay the first row of shingles.A shingle roof tiles held by four nails that are hammered into the top.
Nail the second and subsequent rows of tiles offset by half a period.After laying each fourth row should be checked for correct attachment tile building level.
skating and the edges of the roof tiles should be installed with overlap of 10-15 cm.
For installation of tile at the junction of walls and chimneys need to start it on a verticalsurface to a height of 20-30 cm and fasten with special straps.The connections must be fluff mastic asphalt.To eliminate all the gaps formed, treat them with silicone sealant.