you need
  • Reliable locking, a good eye, durable hinges
Of course, one of the main factors of reliability of the door - lock.That it will stop thieves and robbers.So it does not skimp on the lock when you buy a metal door.After all simple locks opened by experienced intruders an easy pick.Choose
locks with radial cylinders increased secrecy.Do not forget to install the door with such locks also special protection against drilling and knocking out the lock.This protection is in the form of special bronenakladok.Also in the lock bolt must be present.They do not allow thieves to break out of the metal door frame.
in a good metal door hinges must be reliable.They must be installed at the abolition of the bearings.This will ensure that the door is not in time gives way.If
steel weighs less than 70 kilograms, it is better to establish the outer loop.If the door has a reinforced structure, the loop therein are of special design, they are often hidden.
sure to equip the door a good eye.He will give an overview of 180 degrees.Thus, you will be able to see the whole staircase, and those who are on it.So attackers are not caught you by surprise when you leave the apartment.
choosing the metal door, it is not necessary to strive to make it as easy as possible heavier.Enough of 60-70 kg.After the heavy door is difficult to open, which means that it may do a disservice in the event of an emergency.
purchasing the metal door, it is better to choose a reliable, well-established company that has long been working in this niche.After all, you have to trust her art, to be sure that they do not make a duplicate key.In addition, in the solid firm you had better talk about all the features and benefits of existing doors.