you need
  • - scheme of the room;
  • - sewer pipes;
  • - fittings;
  • - soap or sanitary sealant.
First of all, make a scheme sanitation, noting the passing copper tubes.Walk around the house to vote where, what and how will be located, what consumers will enter the system (bathroom, toilet, kitchen, extra toilet).Note the presence of the possibility to lay the pipe , including - if they do not spoil the new repair.
Calculate the flow pipe.With the help of the circuit, make a fitting estimate: crosses, corners, couplings, "inputs" into the sewer Consumer.Buy the necessary work materials and tools.
Begin installation from the farthest point of entry into the sewer system.For the joining of two pipes or fittings to smear gum sanitary silicone or soap, to overco
me resistance and easy to dock parts.Collect pipe in such a manner that the bell was always looking to start up or sewage system.
for joining pipes using pipe races .If you need to close the pipe to subsequently increase the sewer system, special plugs.
If the room is large probability of falling to the ground water (in the pool, in the shower), a special fitting set - trapik that the water from the floor immediately went down the drain.
To prevent odor in the room, one of the risers (and preferably all) output to the roof and set it on the vent fitting, closed by a small roof precipitation in the form of the fungus.
Note from the top point to the exit point around the house will slope to the waste water left on their own.Each meter pipe must be at least 1 cm deviation.To ensure it, after you have laid the pipe, install the top level of the building, and then tilt the pipe in the desired direction by about 1 cm. Look at what level will bias.Lift the edge of the level, which is inclined towards the pipe and to measure the distance from the top of the pipe to the bottom of the level.If the result is left 1 cm, which means you did everything correctly.
If you do not have sewage system with a bias opportunities, buy and install a special electric pump to be removed forcibly drains.