you need
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - knife.
For starters unplug the washing machine and drain all the water from it.This can be done if the filter or unscrew the lower drain hose to the floor, after casting his capacity.In order not to pour water over the floor, the machine should be slightly tilted back and substitute a filter a large bowl.This procedure is best done together, one will hold the machine and the other to drain the water.Remember that this method is not suitable for those cases in which the drum is hot water.
If there is a handy drain pipe, then drain the water from the drum can take
advantage of it.There is also a method of pumping water bath directly through a drainage tube.But this method can only be used if the washing machine has the function of opening the door to the drum, which is full of water.
After the water will be fully rolled back, remove the back wall stiralki fixed on screws.Locate the drain pump at the corner from which the hose exits must gray.Disconnect the wires on the connectors and remove the pump from the body of the machine.To do this, remove the clamps, and hoses of the.
Now you need to disassemble the drain pump itself.To do this, remove the screws used to attach the pump to the body of the cochlea of ​​the pump.Remember or mark with a marker position of the engine relative to the cochlea and remove the engine from the propeller of a snail.
Then with a sharp knife cut each blade impeller one millimeter.This will reduce the diameter of the impeller.The main thing is not to overdo it.Otherwise, performance drops significantly drain pump.Now you can assemble everything in reverse order, and then do a trial run of the washing machine and check for leaks.