Waybill sink - beautiful, stylish, comfortable

Surface Shell received wide popularity due to the great opportunities they provide in terms of interior design.They can make the interior unique.With a huge variety of shapes and sizes of shells overhead not only fulfill its original function, but also act as a stylish decorative elements.

Comparing invoice sink with a standard, not to mention her one important advantage: it can be easily installed on any surface such as a piece of furniture, which saves a lot of space.This is especially true for small apartments where the invaluable every meter of usable area.

The modern studio apartments are well matched by the interior Waybill sink will look great.It can be installed not only in the bathroom, but in the other area where you are most comfortable.

The shape of the overhead shell are rectan
gular, square, round, oval.There is boundless fantasy wizard.This functional part can so transform the area around them, and even become the highlight of the apartment, the designers often use this technique.

Sometimes there are such amazing shapes that can only wonder how could this come to a head master.For example, the sale is a false shell, which serves as the basis of the lamp when water flows from the tap, light dozens of lights - very nice.There are shells, depicting an egg cut in half - yellow color contrasts beautifully with the "protein".There is an overhead shell in the form of bowls, bathroom, sofas, fruits, vegetables, etc.- The choice is limitless.

How to choose a sink invoice

For manufacturing overhead shell uses a variety of materials: metal, ceramic, stone, plastic, etc.The color range is wide, too many pictures.Surface shell may be issued with accessories - locks for towels, soap and recesses for various containers, shelves.Everyone can choose what best suits him.

can purchase conch modern, hi-tech or, conversely, trimmed under retro.For a small bathroom sink perfect overhead in the form of vases.If space allows bathrooms, you can install double or triple sink, it is convenient for a large family.