good way to cover pipes is plasterboard boxes.
This box can be built for any pipes - vertical or horizontal.By using plastic insert doors provide easy access to the valves.Himself drywall mounted on a wooden frame with nails.Horizontal pipes are closed by simply inserting into the end of the bath.So you get to harbor tubes and unobtrusive cabinet under the bathroom, where you can store all the necessary housewares.
For vertical pipes constructed rectangular pencil case, which can also store mops, sticks and other long items.Thanks to this space in the bathroom is not lost in the shuffle, and can be used with advantage.Outside these cabinets can be painted, to
paste over with film or upholster plastic or wood.
Hiding pipe under tiles
To remove the pipe under the tile, you need to build a partition of chipboard, which is lined with tiles.First, measure the distance, where the partition will be set, and saw off a sheet of chipboard required size.For both walls at the point where we will install a sheet nailed by one block of wood with a minimum thickness of 5 cm. These bars nailed a sheet of chipboard.On a sheet nailed need to find the middle of the height at this level to break through a small door on one side.Through this hole will be access to the pipes for service operations.
When this operation is completed, the cover sheet of the cement layer width of about 5 mm.Frozen, the cement will be a good basis for the tiles.Each tile is smeared with special glue and pressed to his place.
Remove the pipe wall.
There is an option of hidden placement of the pipes in the wall of the room, not near them.This option is suitable only if you completely change the system of pipes, as the existing pipe is difficult to move.
order to clean the pipe in the wall, it is necessary in hollow walls Grooves desired diameter.These Grooves are installed pipe clamps or loops to fix the pipe clamps.Pipes are placed in the cutting grooves and lodge on top of cement mortar.The solution is aligned with the general plane of the wall and the top is covered with any material - paper or tiles.As a result, you have a full wall, without any hint of the presence of pipes.Other options
In addition to these popular ways of draping pipe, there are other, less common options to hide the pipe in the bathroom.Most owners of small bathrooms paste tubes textured film, so that the pipes merge with walls the color and not so much conspicuous.The space of the room is not being spent on building walls.
possible to create a cover for the pipes made of plastic siding.In this case, the technology is similar to the technology plasterboard work.The siding is attached to a wooden frame with nails or screws.
Many apartment owners buy ordinary Tall unit, remove it from the back wall, make cutouts in the upper and lower sides.So get fully functional wardrobe, which in addition to hiding things and pipes.
to mask the pipes in the bathroom you can use any option above.And maybe come up with a special way to hide the pipe from outside.After any repair is a creative process.The main thing is not to forget that access to the valves and water taps must be free.The rest of you are free to express their imagination.