Installation of windows in a wooden house with their hands quite able to anyone interested, but be aware that this work is an important part of the whole construction.Windows must be installed efficiently, for continuous operation.Typically, installation of windows is performed by professionals.Some homeowners believe that the house better to install windows from a tree.To install them require some skill, as well as compliance with certain rules of assembly.

Installation of windows

Before starting work, you need to inspect the window unit installed, check it for compliance with the size of the opening, remove the open sash.If you are replacing windows, it is necessary to dismantle the old window frames and window sills, then produced cleaning of the window opening (removed plaster, insulation, hemp).

installation of windows you
want to perform on the level.This is necessary for their thorough sealing and reliable operation of the locking mechanism.Drill the holes and install the anchor plate should be in accordance with pre-set the stopwatch and the type of home.It is necessary to sustain the size of the angle of the window frame to the attachment points (it should be 0.15 - 0.18 m, and between the fastening points - does not exceed 0.8 m).Each side window assembly can be mounted to two mounting elements.
top and bottom of the window unit should be fixed by means of anchor plates or plugs.Deviations horizontally and vertically to prevent more than 1.5 mm per 1 m. Requires foam seal (to improve thermal insulation) assembly seam between the wall and the frame (outside of the window).

Tide (profile for drainage) must be secured to the outside of the frame with screws.In order to eliminate noise (in contact with rain at low tide) and to improve thermal insulation, it is necessary to use the mounting foam.You must install the removed flap and the handle for opening.Fix the sill, using technological support and foam wedges.

Requirements to quality of works

Substandard work on the installation of window units may result in a change in the size of windows, sagging and poor closure flaps malfunction of locking mechanisms.Wooden windows have the same coefficient of expansion as the walls, so their assembly can be executed with minimum clearances.On the window (if necessary) can be installed trim, soffits, adjust the fittings.