you need
  • The bars or beams, plywood, nails or screws, rope, a shovel, a cane or a tarp, staple gun, hot linseed oil, diesel oil or creosote.
first step is to choose the material for the canopy.Here there is room for imagination.You can do a simple tarp.However, you may want to choose the path more difficult and create an original canopy of reeds.For this purpose it is necessary to collect on a nearby pond reeds in large quantities, cut the stems and leave halos.Then, the stems should be dry, sprinkle a little security they fire impregnation.Now you can make a roof for shelter.
How to make a canopy
roof will need a piece of plywood and plastic sheeting.Cover the plywood sheet film so that it hung down a little at the edges.Then attach t
he edges of the film to the back of the plywood sheet using a staple gun.Then contact reed stalks into bundles.Beam diameter should be approximately equal to 10 cm. Then cover the roof beams, placing them close to each other.Reed should be strengthened with a rope.For this purpose it is necessary to perehlestnut across the roof and nail in the middle and at the edges with nails or screws to fasten.
How to make a canopy
now remains to be done to support the canopy.Prepare for the future reception pits depth of 40-50 cm. Prepared in advance bars or wooden sticks desired height anoint hot linseed oil, diesel oil or creosote.This is to prevent rotting.Then put them in the pit, pour gravel and pour concrete for strength solution.When the concrete hardens
, fasten on top of the support beams.Beams must form a flat rectangle.To make sure your shed is not slack on top of attending the rectangle on top of the boards.They must be parallel to each other.Now attach the bamboo roof.
How to make a canopy