you need
  • - foam boards;
  • - glue.
Select adhesive mounting foam, while important that the composition does not contain organic solvents (acetone, benzene, ether and so on.), As they may dissolve the polystyrene.When you select a note operating conditions;if you are going to paste over plates facade knowledge, glue must be frost-resistant, and if you need to isolate and insulate the walls of the basement or shower, pick up moisture resistant glue.Well proven hardy facade and tile adhesives "Budmayster" liquid nails and silicone sealants Den Brauen, mounting adhesive "Perlfiks" (from the series
"Knauf"), wood glue Titebond II, Dracon, even an ordinary PVA glue (although he was not waterproof).Carefully read the instructions before use.Also, remember that the viability of the solution and other characteristics of different species of glue are different.
Glue foam or polystyrene can be almost any wall , including concrete, brick, drywall, plywood or magnesia sheet.For a more secure mounting, drill wall hole and hammer hammer plastic dowel-fungi.Place them at the same distance, in the corners, in the middle;if the plates are large, it is necessary several dowels on one sheet.Well, if the fungus hat will grab a few sheets at once (at the corners or around the perimeter).
First try to glue a small piece of foam on an inconspicuous area of ​​the wall.If everything worked out, start pasting the entire surface.
Apply glue to the wall in a checkerboard pattern, dot.The most critical areas spread a thin layer of glue with a spatula.If you work outdoors, consider that wall insulation should be carried out at a temperature not below 5? C.
Attach foam boards to the wall surface and press for a few seconds or minutes (depending on the density of the plate and the wall material).Align the joints plates on a level or plumb.Once dry, seal the joints between the tiles with foam.
with dowels, fungi can be laid polystyrene plates so that the foam is not required.To do this, divide each plate into two layers of foam and glue the first layer.Fit the fungi so that their "cap" appeared on the surface of this layer and to glue them a second portion of sheets so that the joints do not coincide with the joints of the first layer.