If the site no central sewage system, the system must be equipped with waste diversion from home.Septic Tank - inefficient, unhygienic and a short-lived process that is considerably inferior to the individual sewage system or septic tank.Septic tank - a local autonomous drainage, consisting of several containers of waste treatment systems.There are many designs of septic tanks, designed for different waste, the level of treatment, the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinstallation and other factors.

Performance septic

Before you choose a good septic tank for the home and garden, you need to calculate the amount of waste per day, based on the number of persons and permanence of residence.For example, one person consumes daily about
two hundred liters of water, so to calculate the volume of a country house, you need to multiply this figure by the number of living people.To give the amount of septic tank must be less, if it does not live permanently.If the volume was less than one cubic liters, it is possible to install a small-chamber septic tank, consisting of a receptacle.For higher volume of waste will need a two- or three-chamber design, featuring a large capacity.In the first vessel the solids accumulate and are asserted, and the liquid flows into the next chamber, where the well is cleaned and discharged via drainage.

There are five- and six-chamber septic tank, but it is advisable to install them for several houses.

Material septic

choosing material from which made a septic tank, pay attention to the concrete - a dense, waterproof, durable construction that is quickly installed.Monolithic concrete is used rarely, because it is difficult to establish.Popular brick septic tanks - they are almost not inferior in quality reinforced concrete, but are light installation.The surest septic tank - plastic, but the price is lower than it has, in addition, plastic is not as durable and soil pressure may be damaged.

In choosing the material you need to take into account the climate: cold latitudes approach concrete tanks that are resistant to temperature extremes.

much more efficient bioseptiki equipped with aeration tank - a special device that cleans waste water by means of a biological waste processing bacteria.This design requires a connection to electricity.

nature of the soil at the site

Choice septic tank depends on the type of soil at the site and the level of the passage of groundwater.On light sandy loam or sandy soil can install any structure suitable for heavy soils only systems with biological treatment or storage device in which the waste will not pass through the soil.The same applies to the high water table - a traditional septic tank with additional purification of the soil is not suitable in this case, needed a sealed container.