method of joining metal parts of the duct depends on the thickness of the sheet metal.If this value is less than 1.5 mm, is used rebated compound thicker structural elements welded.In the private housing construction is most common seam assembly method, which, in turn, can be performed using:
- flange: Sealing is provided by strips of metal attached by a flange to the duct (the requirement binding on rectangular structures), which should not beclose the hole under the flange connection.
- band: internal tightness is ensured by its content, which may be in the form of a mastic has special properties (heat resistance, chemical resistance, etc.);
- coupling (pin): This section of the duct, which is inserted into or attached ou
tside the main structure.There is provided by sealing mastic or adhesive tape (polymer tape).
- socket: in this method the compound comes one duct portion to the other, which does not ensure a good seal, but the devices used in natural draft (e.g., fireplaces).

Choosing a way to connect, note the cross-section of the duct if it is small (no more than 40 cm in circumference or in diameter), it is possible to use a simple way: the sleeve, the nipple.More severe design are encouraged to collect, using flanges or bandage;The first method is the most reliable but also the most time-consuming.


complete installation duct systems produce after some of its elements are assembled in units separate areas, major assemblies.Pre-inspect places of passage "route" in order to exclude the presence of obstacles.If necessary, you need to prepare the forest stand to facilitate the rise to the height of the structure.In a domestic environment it is recommended to fix the ducts, at least two people;This will help to avoid deformation of thin steel that spoil the appearance of the structure.Attaching the duct elements depends on the type of section which may be circular or rectangular.

In the first case, the most commonly used clamp with rubber gasket connected to the pin which is screwed into the wall or ceiling.It is important to choose the correct width and thickness of the clamp pin to one side, the design was strong, but on the other - looked aesthetically pleasing.In a similar way it is possible to fix and rectangular ducts if they are relatively small.When installing the structures of large (over 40 cm) using brackets, corners, profiles of various kinds.In the junction pipe and the fixing member is installed a rubber gasket, dampening the vibrations which occur in the duct during the passage of the air flow.