you need
  • - pipe,
  • - rubber gaskets,
  • - cuffs,
  • - collars,
  • - fixing elements,
  • - a set of tools
Before replacing sewer pipes, to do the necessary calculations, to count all the elements of sewage required for replacement, whether the kitchen, bathroom or toilet.To ease the task, it is possible to draw a diagram on a piece of future sewage paper to fit all sizes and positions of other objects, for example, bathtubs or toilets.It is not a very difficult job, but it should be taken very carefully.
Make a detailed list of the pipes, rubber sleeves, clamps, adapters, and other materials that you m
ight need during installation of a new sewage system.If you are not sure how much material will be needed for the work, it is better to consult a plumber, showing him draw a diagram.If you do make a mistake in the calculations, then you will have to buy more stuff, and that for a time suspend your work.
Preparing to replace sewage - is half the work.It is necessary to collect all the necessary tools and appropriately dressed.Suitable old clothes and long gloves, plastic glasses and a bandage to his mouth.For work you need a lot of tools: pliers, wrench, screwdriver and glue.Do not forget to turn off the electricity, water, clean the work area and lay on the floor of a small rug or towel.When repairs and installation of sewage will have to deal with the remnants of waste, which can result in the tile and make it very slippery.With this in mind, during the replacement of sewer pipes, try to be very careful.
Before you dismantle the old pipe, be sure to turn off the water supply.Disconnect the water supply and eyeliner that will not interfere with the replacement of sewers.From the room where the work will be carried out, it is necessary to endure everything.If necessary, you can even dismantle the toilet or sink.Then, is already proceeding to dismantle the pipes themselves, which are adjacent to the riser.
Next to start the installation of new pipes, according to a pre-drawn diagram.Today the market offers versatile prefabricated with adapters.It's comfortable.The installation procedure resembles an assembly designer.However, remember that the "designer" that collect, for example, in a room with more space, it makes no sense, so I mount the pipe on the right uchatske, do not forget about the seals and cuffs.
If the tube is longer purchased the correct size, cut off their normal hacksaw.Spill should be smooth, otherwise the joint will be latched.
The most difficult aspect is to install the toilet.Try not to make sudden transitions sewer nodes.For example, where it may be used instead of discharge at 90 degrees two outlet 45. When connecting the PVC products and a pipe between the welding is not required.Each socket joint are reliable rubber seals, which have excellent integrity, but to be sure you can use the sealant.