Health.Compliance with the basic rules for the care of feet helps eliminate unpleasant odors .Wash your feet daily with antiseptic (eg, soap).Once or twice a week, take a special bath for the feet.For this purpose, a little warm water, dilute acetic acid, and lower legs in the solution for 15-20 minutes.After the procedure, lubricate the legs with lavender oil and put on clean cotton socks.
Shoes.Footwear plays an important role, because the correct choice depends on the health of your feet.Choose open shoes made of natural materials, they are perfectly breathable, maintaining optimum circulation.And do not forget to reg
ularly wash and change the insole.
Underwear.Socks, tights need to be changed daily.Purchase these products from natural fabrics.
deodorant cream.Specially designed tools to actively eliminate the unpleasant smell of sweat.You can buy them at the pharmacy, where the pharmacist will select experienced you the tools and give expert advice.When buying a cream, gel, talc, pay attention to the composition.Preference was given to compositions comprising deodorizing substances.The cream should be applied daily after washing the feet.It is also well to boric acid powder, to put it is recommended to dry clean feet, it actively absorbs odors.